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AMR A173-20 - Cleaner Carpet Heavy-Duty 20-oz. Misty® Heavy-Duty Carpet Spot Remover. Sold by the Case of 12/20-oz.

Try Search Using Item No - AMRA173-20

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Item Number:AMR A173-20
AMR A173-20 Misty® Heavy-Duty Carpet Spot Remover -- Eliminates stains due to oil, tar, grease, ink, lipstick, marking pen, mud, mustard, catsup, coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, vomit, blood, urine and pet stains. Stops odors at the source. Enzyme fortified. Concentrated stream uses inverted valve for easy access to confined spaces. Full Cartons = 12/20 OZ'S Sold by the CS

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